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Revisional Surgery

Focusing on the overall success of your surgery rather than perfect details will bring you the best results.

If you are someone who will focus on the smallest imperfections or finest details, some surgeries may not be best for you.

Your surgeon will apply their knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible results for their patients and provide the best surgical techniques.

They are constantly updated by attending seminars and conferences at national and international levels.

It is possible that the surgery performed does not relate to those methods, which are often promoted or advertised in newspapers or television.

Revisional surgery is rare however it can never be zero, as neither the patient nor the surgeon can control every single aspect of the experience.

Small revisions

Up to 5% of surgeries may require minor adjustments or additional revisions in patients after cosmetic surgery.

Revisional surgery is usually performed after the first postoperative year (12 months after surgery) because swelling and stabilisation of the final surgical appearance can take at least that long.

In the first year following surgery, irregularities, asymmetries, or poor contours can be sufficiently improved without surgery. Therefore, small imperfections should not be corrected straight after surgery even though you may feel changes need to be made.


Revisional procedures can be more unpredictable and pose greater risks. After discussing with your surgeon, you should carefully consider revisional surgery.

If revisional surgery is required, you could incur additional hospital, surgical, and anaesthetic fees.

These fees could be covered by private insurance depending on the level of coverage.

Before you decide to undergo any type of plastic surgery, you must plan your finances carefully. Private Health Insurance is highly recommended for any plastic surgery..


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