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Technical Skill Teamed With Years Of Experience Means You Can Enjoy A Fresh And Youthful Appearance With Brow Lift Surgery.

Forehead lift surgery can help to:

  • Minimise the creases that develop across the forehead

  • Improve frown lines (vertical creases that develop between the eyebrows)

  • Reposition a low or sagging brow that is hooding the upper eyelid

  • Raise the eyebrows to a more alert and youthful position

Forehead lift surgery can make the face look years younger by tightening and lifting forehead skin, thereby softening wrinkles and opening the eyes.

A forehead lift minimises the creases that develop across the forehead, or those that occur high on the bridge of the nose.

These lines and creases can make you look tired, sad, angry or older than you really are.

This procedure also improves what are commonly referred to as frown lines and can reposition a low brow.



Along with most other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, brow lift surgery is highly individualised, and may not be right for every patient.

That’s why we strongly encourage prospective patients to make the most of their complimentary nurse information session to come into the clinic, meet the team, and confidentially discuss your needs to determine whether this procedure is right for you.

For example, you might think a brow lift will help correct drooping eyelids, but our nurses may instead want to introduce you to the more appropriate upper eyelid surgery to address your concerns.

During Surgery

During brow lift surgery, an endoscope is inserted through small incisions in the hairline.

The skin and underlying muscles are then lifted and tightened.

The brow will heal in the new position and improves the appearance of eyelids, frown lines and crows feet.

After Surgery: Brow Lift Recovery

Immediately following surgery, it is common to experience any of the following:

  • Bruising and swelling

  • Numbness or tightness

  • Some discomfort

  • Minimal pain

These symptoms typically last for around 10 days following surgery, but in some cases, up to two weeks. Your plastic surgeon will guide you on when you can shower, drive, go back to work, resume exercise, etc.



In a few words? Not much!

Both terms are used interchangeably (along with “forehead rejuvenation” and “endoscopic brow lift”, too) but they generally refer to the same kind of procedures that aims to:

  • Raise the eyebrows

  • Smooth out the forehead

  • Improve the appearance of the brow and eye area

  • Reduce wrinkle and worry lines that appear on the forehead

Brow lift cost

The exact price is tailored to your particular circumstances.

Remember that brow lift surgery can also be performed in conjunction with other facial procedures including facelift and blepharoplasty.

For more information or to get a tailored quote, we invite you to book a complimentary catch-up with a patient care coordinator.

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