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Nipple & Areola Reduction: Reduce Size or Enhance Symmetry

What Do These Procedures Do?

Nipple and areola reduction procedures are designed to address concerns related to the size and proportions of these features. For individuals with naturally large areolas or stretched skin causing enlarged areolas, this procedure can effectively reduce their size, improving symmetry and restoring a more balanced appearance. Additionally, for those with large, long, or wide nipples, these procedures can reduce both their length and girth, achieving a more aesthetically pleasing and proportionate result.


What Do These Procedures Not Do?

It's important to understand that nipple and areola reduction procedures focus on addressing size and proportions. They are not intended for other breast-related concerns such as breast augmentation or correction of breast sagging. It's essential to have realistic expectations about the outcomes, as these procedures are specifically tailored to enhance the appearance of the nipples and areolas.


Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

The ideal candidate for nipple and areola reduction is someone seeking to improve the appearance of their nipples or areolas due to size-related concerns. Whether it's naturally large areolas or issues stemming from stretched skin, these procedures can help individuals regain confidence in the aesthetics of their breasts. Nipple and areola reduction procedures are typically performed under general anaesthesia in a hospital setting, ensuring patient comfort and safety. Dr Hertess performs surgeries at Flynn Private Hospital, Miami Private Hospital or Pacific Private Hospital on the Gold Coast.


Recovery and Pricing

Recovery after nipple and areola reduction is typically straightforward, with minimal discomfort and downtime. Patients may experience some mild swelling and bruising, which usually resolve within a few weeks. Specialised post-operative care instructions are provided to support a smooth recovery process.

As for pricing, the cost of nipple and areola reduction procedures varies depending on individual needs and goals. A consultation with Dr. Hertess is necessary to assess each patient's unique requirements and provide a personalised quote. During the consultation, all aspects of the procedure, including costs and potential financing options, will be discussed to ensure transparency and clarity.


Why Choose Dr. Hertess for Nipple and Areola Reduction?

Dr. Hertess combines her extensive expertise with a commitment to delivering natural and harmonious results. With a focus on precision and artistry, she ensures that nipple and areola reduction procedures not only address size-related concerns but also enhance your overall confidence and self-esteem.

If you're considering nipple or areola reduction to achieve your desired aesthetic goals, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hertess today. Experience the transformative power of personalised care and advanced techniques, restoring balance and symmetry to your breast appearance.


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