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Breast FAT TRANSFER Gold Coast


Gold Coast Breast Fat Transfer for Subtle Augmentation

At Dr Hertess Plastic Surgery, we believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to truly love the skin they are in and live a confident, happy, and empowered life.

Breast fat transfer is a popular breast surgery performed in our Gold Coast clinic that restores confidence and self-worth to women of all ages, helping them feel sexier, more feminine, and more beautiful.

No matter your age or life experiences, we want to help you improve your confidence and change the way you see and feel about yourself. We welcome you to contact us today for a chat to learn more about your goals and to see how we can help you.

This elective procedure is performed under general anaesthetic at John Flynn Private Hospital, Miami Private Hospital or Pacific Private Hospital on the Gold Coast.

What Does This Procedure Do?

Fat transfer to breasts, also known as autologous fat grafting, is a revolutionary procedure designed to enhance breast size and shape naturally. By utilising your body's own fat cells, this method provides a subtle augmentation without the need for implants. It's an ideal solution for individuals seeking a natural look and feel to their breasts.

What Does This Procedure Not Do?

It's important to note that fat transfer to breasts may not be suitable for drastic size changes. While it achieves a subtle enhancement, it may not provide the dramatic results some patients desire, which can often be achieved through traditional breast augmentation with implants.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

This procedure is perfect for individuals desiring subtle breast augmentation without implants. It's particularly beneficial for patients with little breast tissue or thin skin, where it can effectively disguise visible implants or skin rippling. Fat transfer to breasts is also an excellent option for those considering breast implant removal or breast implant removal and lift procedures, allowing for volume replacement.

Fat Transfer Systems and Why Dr. Hertess Uses PureGraft

Dr. Hertess utilises the state-of-the-art PureGraft Fat Transfer system to ensure the highest quality results. This advanced technology guarantees the fat used in the procedure is exceptionally purified and smooth. By employing PureGraft, Dr. Hertess enhances the safety and effectiveness of the fat transfer process, delivering superior outcomes to her patients.

Recovery and Garments

The recovery period for fat transfer to breasts is relatively short compared to traditional breast augmentation surgeries. Patients may experience mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising, which usually subside within a few weeks. Specialised compression garments are provided to support the healing process and optimise the results. Following post-operative care instructions diligently ensures a smooth recovery and optimal breast contouring.


The pricing for fat transfer to breasts varies based on several factors, including the volume of fat being transferred, the time required for the procedure, and whether it is performed in combination with other surgeries like breast implant removal or lift. Dr. Hertess understands the uniqueness of each patient's needs; therefore, a personalised consultation is necessary to determine the exact pricing specific to your requirements. During the consultation, all aspects of the procedure, including costs and financing options, will be thoroughly discussed to ensure transparency and clarity.

If you're considering fat transfer to breasts for a natural and subtle augmentation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hertess today by calling us on (07) 5601 0492. Experience the artistry of a skilled surgeon combined with cutting-edge technology, providing you with the confidence and beauty you deserve.

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