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Enjoy a More Youthful and Contoured Bust Line with Breast Lift Surgery on the Gold Coast

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, is a popular breast surgery procedure designed to reposition the breasts to create a perkier and more youthful bust line.

A breast lift may be a suitable procedure if you relate to any of the following signs:

  • Your breasts sag and have lost their shape

  • You feel your breasts have lost volume, particularly at the top

  • You’ve noticed your nipples are pointing downwards rather than forward

  • Your breasts are asymmetrical, with one drooping down more than the other

A breast lift It is a popular procedure for women of all ages, due to a variety of factors which we will take a closer look at below. Women may also choose a breast lift following breast implant extraction.

A highly personal decision, a breast lift is a procedure designed to reshape the breasts and create a more youthful, pert, and contoured appearance.

It’s our goal to ensure that every woman, no matter their goals, feels comfortable, reassured, and empowered during every stage of their plastic surgery journey with Dr Hertess.

Factors that influence the position and shape of the breasts

There are many lifestyle changes and experiences that can affect the shape of the breasts and prompt women to explore breast lift surgery. Some of the most common factors include:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

A miraculous journey, pregnancy changes a woman’s body, mind, and spirit in many ways.
Following pregnancy and breastfeeding, a woman may feel that her breasts have lost significant volume or have stretched and sagged.

A breast lift may be a fantastic solution to once again restore a woman’s confidence and to help empower her with a firm, lifted, and defined bust line.

Significant weight loss

When you lose weight, particularly a significant amount, you may notice that your breasts are one of the first parts of your body where fatty tissue starts to shrink away.

However, losing fat does not tighten the surrounding skin and underlying breast ligaments, which is why women are often left with sagging, drooping breasts following weight loss.

The natural ageing process

As we age, our skin and the ligaments that make up our breast tissue stretch and lose elasticity.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the natural ageing process (or gravity!) but a breast lift can be a fantastic solution to once again enjoy a firmer, rounder, and more raised bust line

Breast lift without implants

A breast lift without implants does not change the size of the breasts; rather, it raises the positioning of the nippple and breasts, removes excess skin, and creates a fuller, perkier, and rounder bust.

A breast lift (without implants) is generally a great choice for women who are happy with the size of their breasts, but wish to alter and improve the shape and position of the breasts on the chest wall. 

During breast lift surgery we can also reposition the nipple to match your new shape to create beautiful and natural results.

In the case of large and heavy breasts, you may also be interested in breast reduction surgery in addition to a lift.

Breast lift with implants

If you would like to increase the size of your breasts in addition to raising their position, we may discuss options for a breast lift with implants.

This combination has become an increasingly popular choice, particularly for mothers who have finished having children, or women from all walks of life who simply desire a more youthful-looking bust and larger breasts. 

This dual procedure is also known as mastopexy augmentation.

Discover more about breast implants here.

Risk of breast lift surgery

All surgeries carry risk. If you would like to learn more about the breast implant removal process, including specific risks as well as post-surgery recovery, please contact our friendly team today. It is our goal to arm you with all the information you need to make a truly informed decision.

It is important to understand that results can never be guaranteed, no matter how skilled or experienced your plastic surgeon is.

Prospective patients acknowledge that a breast lift alone does not change the size of the breasts, however, in conjunction with breast augmentation, will increase the size of the breasts.

No matter which procedure you choose, we strongly encourage all candidates to wait until they are at their goal weight (and have been stable at this weight for some time) before embarking on surgery. This reduces the chance of impacting your results if you continue to lose weight following surgery.

Breast lift before and after photos

See some of our beautiful patients before and after their breast lift surgery. Click below to see the full galleries.

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